Inert Skyflash Missile


Inert Skyflash Missile

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Inert Skyflash Missile.

surplus equipment used to practice loading and attachment. exact weight, dimensions and look of a working Skyflash

no rocket motor, no bang and no active radar.
half of one of these sold at Christies for just short of £7000 and Woolley and Wallis Auctioneers had one listed at £15000
in parts but easy to assemble and comes in 3 boxes ( 2 large crates for both parts of the main body and 1 small suit case for the fins/wings )
a Skyflash is a medium range semi active homing air to air missile based on the US AIM-7 Sparrow and used by the RAF as well as the Royal Swedish Air force, Italian Air Force and Royal Saudi Air Force up until 2006
length          3.68 M (12 ft 1 in)
Weight        193 kg (425 lb)
Diameter     0.203 M (8 in)
Wing span  1.02 M (40 in)
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