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  • Self-checking qualities prove instrument is truly level
  • Parallel Reflective Surfaces self-aligning to gravitational pull of the earth
  • Provided with adjustable leveling plate for uneven surfaces

The Model D-626 Optical Level has been designed as an aid to adjust the optical line of sight from an autocollimator until it is precisely level.

The level has a plane parallel mirror firmly fixed to a pendulum suspended in the housing.  To prevent continual swing of the pendulum and dampen vibration, an oil pool system is incorporated allowing the mirror to settle within a period of 2 arc minutes.  Repeat readings from an autocollimator can be acquired from one surface of the mirror to the other within 1 arc second, thus proving the mirror surface is aligned parallel to the local gravitational pull of the earth.


Provisions are made for preserving the delicate pivot points during periods of storage


Grade one Used and Untested.

Only One available

Comes with it’s own well contructed wooden carrying case.

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