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The Clansman UK/VRC-321 Radio set was also used for rear link communications up to Brigade level and administrative radio nets. In the British Army it provided a useful back up or “guard net”, to the VHF radio nets which were prone to jamming by the enemy. The Clansman UK/VRC-321 is a HF Radio which uses USB/AM andor CW giving an RF output 20 – 30 Watts. the set was Manufactured by MEL, Of Crawley in Sussex and replaced the Larkspur SR C13 and C11 R210 HF Vehicle Stations. These were in service between Ca 1955 and 1978 and used primarily Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Continuous Wave (CW) (Morse). (Although SSB versions of the C11 R210 became available, following the development of SSB). The introduction of Clansman HF Radio therefore saw the adoption of SSB as the standard modulation type for use in the British Army due to its increased efficiency, while AM was provided primarily for interoperability between Larkspur and Clansman Radios after Unit Clansmanisation.
By selecting an appropriate antenna, both groundwave (range up to 40Km) and skywave radiation can be achieved (giving ranges up to 1000Km using Near vertical Incidence Skywave, and beyond 2500Km, using single and multi-hop skywave).
The set is designed to be used in a vehicle (VRC = Vehicle Radio Communicator) using Clansman Harness for example, but the UK/RT 321 (The set itself) can also be used, dismounted from a vehicle, as a ground station with an external power supply or batteries and antenna system. (All clansman radios operate from 24 volt power supplies (with one or two exceptions)).
There are a number of items which together make up the station, for example power cable, antenna tuner unit, coaxial cables and antenna wires etc. Optional accessories such as the selectivity unit radio frequency or SURF were available. The SURF, when tuned, allowed more than one set to be operated from the same position without interfering with each other.
The standard antenna tuning unit used with the UK/RT 321 is the TURF 25 Watts (Tuning Unit Radio Frequency 25 Watts). This could be used either attached to the set, or remotely depending on which antenna configuration was used. Like the UK/RT 320 the 321 is a versatile, simple to operate, HF radio.

This listing is for the main part the radio itself and does NOT come with any other items ie battery,headset etc.

This Radio is untested and does not have any warranty, expressed or implied.  It has not been tried or tested.

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